Background Edit

Ohotolarix son of Telenthaur is an Iraiina, one tribe of the Sun People, travelling to Alba with the help of Isketerol, a Tartessan merchant.

Key Events Edit

Island in the Sea of Time Edit

The boat he is in becomes separated from the others, and he is the only person alive when Eagle finds it drifting. Ohotolarix is tall for the Bronze Age, in his late teens and is blond with blue eyes.

He helps the crew of Eagle with introductions when they land at the Iraiina camp ground.

He swears allegiance to William Walker, and travels with him to Greece (Achaea) when Walker is chased out of England. He rises high in Walker's organisation, becoming the trusted right-hand man, rich and famous. Walker, of course, is manipulating him and his faith in his Lord.

He is asked to act as Viceroy in the Ringapi territory while Walker is at Troy, and is ideally placed to help Walker's daughter Althea move to the continent's interior when the Walker empire falls.

On the Oceans of Eternity Edit

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